Premium not active anymore?

Best Kurviger team,

I subscribed on 22/09/'22 for the Yearly subscription.

When I logged in a few days ago, I noticed I could acces the paid features.

Could you look in to it, please?
my subscription mail is [REMOVED EMAIL FOR PRIVACY REASONS]

Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know. I can see that you cancelled your subscription, but it should be still active.

If you are signed in with the correct account (please double check this first!), there are a few other things that could happen. Maybe you don’t have access to our database? Are you using a VPN or any browser extensions?

See our documentation here: I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I did cancel it, just to avoid automatic extension of the membership.
I will re-apply as soon the year is over.

I’m using firefox, nothing changed from previous use.
I checked the subscription status and i good a message the page couldn’t be loaded.

So i logged in using Safari browser and the membership status was fine.

Before restarting the computer i erased history and cookies in firefox.

It seems to work great again!

No idea what it caused…but thank you for your help!

Thank you again!

Friendly greetings,


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