Positive experience used off road

This is a long post but does contain useful information for those wanting to use kurviger off road.
I am an experienced off-road motorcycle rider. I ride off-road in Greece frequently.I have a range of off-road and on/off road motorcycles.I have used the Kurviger App probably around 100 times off road. It has been very very good and accurate.
I have a few tips/workarounds that work off-road.
1/when creating the off road route it is quicker to mark the route using the “extend route“ option.
if you try to simply enter the final destination you will be fiddling around for a long time as the application usually avoids dirt tracks.
2/After I create the route I add lots of Via points. Whilst I am not a computer programmer and cannot prove categorically that these help the accuracy, the app has been good off-road . They also provide reassurance as to how far you are in the route etc…
3/switch OFF the rerouting option, this is the last thing you want if you’re in the middle of a mountain range ,go past the turning and it reroutes you!
4/If the directional arrow that follows your movements moves slightly away from the blue line do not try to restart the application as you may lose the GPS signal altogether. As long as you are close enough to the blue line that is usually the correct route.
4/just because you are high up in the mountains it doesn’t mean there will be a good GPS signal, even if there are no trees about.
1/Sometimes the app will say that you are off route. Sometimes this is not the case but the GPS is obstructed by trees ,mountain ranges etc. make sure you look at the kurviger screen approximately every 2 minutes.
If it says you are off route drive back to the point where the GPS reconnects and if there is no other turn option then it is a GPS error.continue…
2/Carry a paper map or a downloaded off-line map of your choice, As a back up. If you are using a paper map make sure this is a hiking map as a standard roadmap will not show all the possibilities of all the different turnings off-road.
3/many people suggest using the off-line map in case the GPS signal is lost. However in my experience it is not the map that’s the problem it’s the connection between the GPS locator and your mobile phone on the satellite that’s the problem not the map itself.If you have any thoughts on this or anything else it would be welcome.
Finally I would like to say that whilst I thoroughly enjoy many YouTube videos, a 200 kg plus motorcycle with or without luggage is absolutely the wrong kind of bike for serious off-road riding, Unless you are an experienced OFF ROAD rider or have prior knowledge of the routes to be sure they are not too difficult. The ACT guys on YouTube abandoned some of the Greek TET As it’s very difficult on a large adventure style motorcycle.
All the best to you fellow bikers from around the world.


Thanks for the interesting report.

You can change the location provider in “Settings | Location | Location service”
and see what works best on your device and location.

More details exist in:

Thanks ,it may help someone “ out in the wilds” I will look at the settings again and try it later