Points of interest

That depends greatly on the POI number in each category in map layers menu.
Zoom levels are not set in stone, but above all are map performance & visibility.

Certainly cannot work or expect speed with such map appearance.
OpenStreetMap website is a useful guide for POI min-zoom levels.

I suggest completing the “Tourist attractions” layer with the at least “ruins”, “castle” and maybe “monument” tags from OpenStreetMap Key:historic https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:historic . I realize that this is a lot of data but there are a lot of very very interesting places marked there.

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Castles are already included, see edited 1st post for all current POI.

Yes I know, but there are only those that are tagged Tag:tourism=attractions. Unfortunately, there are not all the castles I know (e.g. the Royal Castle in Warsaw :slight_smile: ). But I noticed that some of them are marked as Tag:historic=castle - that’s why my proposal to add the “historic” OSM key.

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See the 1st post, both historic=castle and tourism=attraction are included.

In fact, I have now noticed that the edited post #1, in which you wrote that both keys are included… So I have to look closely at the points on OSM :slight_smile:

The motorcycle pub, where I spent my life some time ago, is tagged “amenity=bar” in OSM. Maybe you will attach this tag to the “Gastronomy” layer in Kurviger.

Because we’re doing classic touring in unknown areas we’re interested in:

  • fuel stations
  • tourism points / viewing points
  • hotels etc.

My personal opinion…

Maybe you could add to the accommodation layer also:

Aren’t chalets usually rented elsewhere and are therefore not really the thing you need on the map?

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I’d like to see icecream cafe’s :slight_smile


Because for self-importing (overlay or own POI) necessary usability features are missing:

  • As Overlay: Hide in low (high?) zoom levels, like gas stations
  • switch displaying on/off, like gas stations
  • As POI: Folders/Categories with different colors
  • Also performance is very slow showing them permanently (test with 7000)


Best regards

Not even the “profi” app AroundMe offers ice cream parlors, and then a navigation software is supposed to implement this nonsense?
Maybe I am biased: the only POIs I use (only if really needed) are gas stations.

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Now come on, no need to call this “nonsense”. This is a new user and the request was obviously made with the best of intentions :slightly_smiling_face:

As to the request: I personally think it’s best to keep the feature set lean and clean where possible. Note that kurviger is more of a navigation service, not necessarily a mapping service. We’re not trying to be in competition with Google or yelp (which you should probably have installed on your phone separately when making a tour :slight_smile:


Sorry to revive such an old topic, but I noticed that not all objects tagged as historic = castle will be displayed on the offline map. This applies to points drawn as polygons instead of a point (e.g. such as this one). The online Mapilion map contains these points. Maybe I’m wrong, but I guess it was somehow resolved (?)

Kurviger offline map tag-mapping contains the historic=castle for ways and pois.
Kurviger map style also contains similar rules to display these named elements.

Map engine’s symbol / label rendering has rules for priorities, collision detection.

If a tag appears on the map but not at some place, we cannot do many things…

What do you see?


You’re right! My mistake! I have not realized or forgot that the visibility of each layer (including, of course, Tourist attractions) is reset after changing the map.
Sorry again for the false alarm… :flushed:


As much as modifying the map style is understandable (reasonably!) And fully feasible to me, modifying the map is beyond my capabilities :frowning:

Therefore, in the next editions of maps, I would like to ask you to move Museums, Galleries and Ruins to the same level as other Tourist attractions. Of course, if it does not conflict with the general concept of the application or it will not adversely affect performance. I know these objects are already there because I change the style of seeing them, but at an unacceptable zoom level. Even if for some reason they were to be unavailable in the default style, you could easily activate them manually in your own style.

Forgive me for insisting on this, but I plan one-day trips only on Application in tablet, and it would be good to see as many attractions as possible along the route. I think that these attractions are very important not only for me.

After adding interesting, during navigation, everyone could turn off the layer so as not to interfere with the visibility or performance of the map.

Please provide the explicit OpenStreetMap tags.
Most POI zoom levels are similar to the OpenStreetMap website.

For map creation you can check mapsforge-creator tool.

Sorry my focus is on app development.
I do not have much free time to play with offline maps or map styles.

@boldtrn manages the server, you can discuss offline map changes.

I can only check if the map style has nice map rendering performance in the app.

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I mean: tourism=museum, tourism=gallery and historic=ruins.
I added the three tags to the default map style (which suits me in terms of the color and readability of the map :+1:). It would be nice if these objects appeared at the map zoom 12 instead of 15 or even 17 as it is now (for a modified built-in default style).

Of course! Navigation is a priority, but I was hoping that setting POI layers was just a few clicks away on some template that is used to create the map. I understand that I addressed the request incorrectly, but this topic seemed to be the most appropriate for me.

…if you find a moment of free time. Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

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