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Hello, is it possible to create your own PIO? I usually plan longer tours by looking for different hotels and sights in advance and then the route based on the POI as needed. It would be interesting if you could create a collection of POIs in advance

As a Kurviger Tourer you can use favorites and store them in the cloud:

An other way is loading waypoints from an GPX as overlay.


Please note, you can use the cloud for free, so you don’t have to sign up for Kurviger Tourer, but you are welcome to sign up :wink:

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Hello, thanks for the quick reply. Now I know how to create favorites. Fortunately, I have a Tourer subscription. However, I find it complicated that I can transfer the favorites to the route planning. Where can I submit as an improvement suggestion that I can also search the POI when searching for the intermediate destination?


Oops - I mixed it up! You just have to log in to use the cloud.

Have a look here: Search in Favorites when adding waypoint - #5 by boldtrn

Hello all, how can I save my POI imported as overlay ? Do I need everytime to import overlay again and again when I wanna to plan with my POI (waypoints) ? Thank you.

You can import POIs as favorites in the Kurviger Cloud. Then they stay on the website.

You need to click on Cloud → Favorites, create a favorite collection, if you click on the options icon, you can import a GPX file.

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 09.48.38

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Yeah thanks a lot I’ve missed that Options small button :slight_smile: Anyway I cannot import more than 300 POIs :frowning: My personal collection exported from TomTom Mydrive has 370 POI. Hmmmm, I have to separate them which is so hard to categorize because Garmin’s Explore web where I have categories cannot export them by categories separately.

Update: export by categories is possible within iOS App, let’s see if Kurviger preserve icons after import, OK only fews preserved not most of Garmin’s 42 icons

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