Poi restaurants

Hello, i use thé new apk and i see in the web site that we can see poi hotel and restaurant but in the apk they not appear in the choice we can choose,fuel, perennials,etc but not restaurant, it’s it possible to have restaurants, please.

Excuse my school English, i am 70 old !

Describe your problem, please try to provide as

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Device: HUAWEI - AGS2-W09 - Android: 8.0.0 - WebView: 111.0.5563.116
App-Version: 3.0.5 - 700
Screen: 960 x 600 px - 2dppx

POI selection in WebSite and App looks for me the same.

Where do you find POI hotel and restaurant in the web site?
And what do you mean with perennials? Perennials is something like a plant for me.

Or do you mean something like this

This depends on the map you use. This information ist stored in the map and not a POI of Kurviger. Maybe you you use differnts maps in App und Website?


Sorry, vivace is a mistake, i say panorama ! As you see in the menu there is nothing for restaurant and hotels.

Wen you change map the poi stay at their place until the new map appears. So the poi are not dependant of the map but depend of kurviger. (I know that because i contribute for OSM in my city).

In the map you can see restaurant and hotels with big zoom, just i ask if it is possible to have a picture of restaurant and hotels in the window poi to see automatic the poi in the map.

Thank you

Here with big zoom the osm poi hotel appears

Here during change of map and
with normal zoom only kurviger poi are visible

Change of map, only kurviger poi are visible, not osm poi

We do show motorcycle friendly accommodations / hotels, restaurants are currently not shown, this is planned for the future though.