Please: Make Kurviger PRO Available Again


For God’s sake: please put Kurviger Pro back into the Play Store!
And do it asap…

I paid for Kurviger Pro approx 2 years ago and used it for club touring.
Very comfortable, very nice and worth the price. I shared the files within a WhatsApp Group. Participants with Kurviger Pro could tipp onto the file and start immediately navigated driving.

The next club meeting is in 2 weeks and my old Kurviger Pro Version began to show bugs. The map was rotated by 90 degrees. Tipping on a file showed an old route. Crazy.
I restarted my handy. I dein stalled the app: biggest fault ever!

I can only install the beta Kurviger app
Tipping on a kurviger file in a WhatsApp Chat starts the import menue. Only to produce an error. The WhatsApp kurvger file is not recognized any more.
When I import a kurviger File from somewhere on my handy, I get a home Symbol at a spot which I visited last year. Crazy crazy crazy.

Programers know:
Never Change A Running System -
So please:
Make the Pro APK available again in the Google Play Store.

Thank you

Some emotions cut off to reduce the impression that my SOS call is felt as beeing rude.

My wife suggested to buy a TomTom Navi right now. For 500 EUR new or 280 EUR used
I am not joking. Dead serious.

Meine PRO App (1.x) fehlt auf meinem Android-Gerät. Wie kann ich sie installieren?
Du hast deine PRO App (1.x) auf deinem Android-Gerät deinstalliert oder du hast ein neues Android-Gerät. Du möchtest die PRO App (1.x) auf dem Gerät nutzen, findest sie aber nicht im Play Store.

Kurviger PRO (1.x) ist nach wie vor im Play Store verfügbar. Aber nur unter dem Account, unter dem sie ursprünglich gekauft wurde. Unter diesem Account wählst du:

Apps und Gerät verwalten > Verwalten >
Dann statt Installiert bitte Nicht installiert auswählen
Dann müsste Kurviger PRO wählbar sein, auswählen und installieren

My PRO app (1.x) is missing on my Android device. How can I install it?
You have uninstalled your PRO app (1.x) on your Android device or you have a new Android device. You want to use the PRO app (1.x) on the device, but you can’t find it in the Play Store.

Kurviger PRO (1.x) is still available in the Play Store. But only under the account under which it was originally purchased. Under that account, you select:

Manage apps and device > Manage >.
Then instead of Installed please select Not installed
Then Kurviger PRO should be selectable, select and install.

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Hi, so here in such a threatening gesture to write a text, is already something impertinent. Think that you can also write differently. Especially since you are not the only one who has such a problem.

You can also contact the programmer directly.



To be the first message you write in the forum, before demanding in such a rude way, could you at least find out what happened and the effort that the developers are making to once again have a worthy successor to the fallen Kuviger 2 .

Listen to your wife and buy a new Tomtom, so you won’t waste time on the forum or waiting for developers to come up with something to satisfy you.

Thank you, Biker
It worked exactly as you said.
Yet, tipping onto a kurviger file which was exchanged via WhatsApp means that I can select Kurviger Pro to always be used to open this file (very helpful) but then the route does not show up and trying to start results in the message “no route existing”.
I then have to find the file in my handy -which I am able to, but neither my wife nor a 75 years old participant of the next meeting. I can import the route and start it
And have the old look&feel.
That’s worth it.
Once more:

Dear Manne
Thank you, too, for your comment.
In case that my first post seems threatening , impertinent or rude to any of the programmers:
I do sincerely ask everyone negatively touched by my post to excuse my emotional style.
Average Joe B.

Dear Cero
Thank you for your advice.
I do not like the look &,feel of a TomTom. Ok, that’s a luxury problem.
Itried to go ahead with a Garmin Nuevi.2557 LMT, which I used before l found Kurviger.
Garmin Express is not able to detect the device, though beeing connected to my laptop with the original cable.
Maybe I must load it’s battery first - but the cable set doesn’t offer a cable for a USB plug, only for the 12 V plug which is not available indoors in most cases.
I’d es, I will drive the Garmin around in my car just charging.
Have a nice day and weekend
Average Joerg B

Dear Cero

(Edit: a list of thoughts/questions about the introduction of Kurviger Version 3 deleted because WalterG set the record straight. And, my questions appeared in bold letters)

No problem with a new beta version -
but better to have the old version still available, even with a warning “discontinued and bit buggy”.
In my humble opinion.

Have a nice day

If you see bold font: this is not my choice. I cannot avoid this layout.

Versende die Kurviger-Datei *.kurviger als eMail dann klappt es.

Send the Kurviger file *.kurviger as eMail then it works.

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Hi Biker
Once more a good advice.
But on a club weekend
only 50% of all participants are able to open their email account in their handy.
Whereas 95% can open the group WhatsApp Chat. Which is, in vein, now.
Thank you nonetheless: very much for your kind help
Average Joerg B.

The old version is still available! And when you ever had a look to the documentation, it would be possible for you to find that!

Since october 2022 there is info in this forum and in google play for discontinueing the old versions of the app. And in documentation you can see the availability of the old versions of the app, when it was installed for the first time until nearly june 2021 (version 1.x) or until end of december 2022 (version 2.x).

No reason for such a lot of posts and to blame the developers and members of this forum. Please keep calm and friendly.


Die alte Version Kurviger Pro funktioniert bei mir problemlos
außerdem kann ich den Download der Karten Europaweit auch am PC ausführen.

Die neue Kurviger Beta Version verwende ich unterwegs ab und zu mal um auf meine
Touren in der Kurviger Cloud zu zugreifen.

The old version Kurviger Pro works for me without problems
in addition, I can download the maps Europe-wide also on the PC.
The new Kurviger Beta version I use on the road from time to time to access my
Tours in the Kurviger Cloud to access.

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If you plan a route and ride it 1:1 you may use K3 less any issues. If you have a deviation inbetween and need to re-plan or to search for a POI, K3 works good as long as you have a net connection - else you are lost unless you are in the comfortable situation to use K1 pro as a fallback solution when it comes to the need for offline maps or offline navigation.

Hi Biker
Thank you once again for your feedback!
It seems like I have a singular problem with files exchanged via WhatsApp. I will go on to explore this.
Have a nice Sunday and
Many good routes!

To Cero, Manne, WalterG:
It seems that I had a bad day yesterday.
I ask you for excuse.
I had a bad night with very little sleep.
Well earned, one might say.

Kurviger is a very nice and powerful planning tool.
Thanks to all programmers! Hope that you get K3 running and make some money.

No PS :smiley: except… The bold letters were not my choice, again. I cannot get rid of them. Sorry.


There is nothing to excuse. A hug and see you on the road.

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