Placing a bookmark on route or waypoint

As I am currently working more intensively on the bookmark function, I noticed, that I can create and place a bookmark anywhere by a long tap on the map and the using the context menu - BUT NOT on an existing route / waypoint: In THIS case the context menu does not provide the More - Bookmark entry.

Correct? Intended?
Necessary restriction - or changeable?

(Complement - which we can make to another topic, if it makes sense):

Tapping on a waypoint opens the yellow bubble with Via point N. Tapping on this bubble induces nothing at present, correct? But could open a context menu as well, where actions could be started like:

  • bookmark this waqpoint
  • share this waypoint/bookmark
  • etc.


Currently waypoints do not offer long press menu, as their long press is used to drag them.
We’ll see how can enhance that workflow in future version. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s correct.

But the initial question /suggestion is not affected: A long tap on the route does offer a menu, but this one IS lacking the More - bookmark entry, compared to other context menu - or?

We had a similar discussion here: "More..."-menu also when tapping on a route

But THIS (placing a bookmark) is not implemented yet - or am I wrong again?

Bookmarks usually are useful on locations besides the route, not on the road line itself, but we can think it for implementation.

That’s of course at least a “work araound” to place a waypopint close to a route.

Hmmmmm - I notice again that all these hints should once be added to the docu, if you developers want the docu to keep up with the development status of the software, so that as many users as possible can really “exhaust” the software - a huge work :open_mouth: :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Moved it in “New features” to not forget it. :slightly_smiling_face: