Phone freezes / stops / very slow after opening offline maps

Kurviger 1.11.6 (Beta) contains a revised and faster offline map rendering.

@Teun and everyone else can you test again in your devices?

Instructions for Kurviger Beta program exist here:

Hi, just did a quick test: at full 3040 resolution it does not freeze up anymore :slight_smile: however panning and zooming is still not very smooth, just acceptable i would say. The map is not pretty though, roads are very thick. I much prefer the cruiser map look. Will try to add screen shot below.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Strange as cannot replicate here that behavior anymore with Kurviger 1.11.6 (Beta). :slightly_smiling_face:

Would be difficult to apply extreme simplifications globally targeting only some
heavy countries or large resolutions, as it will affect in a negative way all maps.

Some compromises are necessary, still it’s nice there are not stops in use anymore.

Will think what else can be done in map engine or specially in such heavy map files.

Please create a separate topic for the map style appearance.
I’d like thinner lines too, but more users have to agree to that.

Perhaps open external map styles, so users can modify them?

@Teun with which map files and at what zoom levels you see that behavior on your device?

The maps downloaded via Kurviger. Zoomlevel 8.3 for instance.

Emux, thx for your efforts to solve this.

Tested a bit more with Kurviger Beta 1.11.6:

  • Panning with offline maps at 3040 + hillshading + vegetation on gives “refresh rate” of 2~3 frames per second, which is OKish, better then I reported earlier today, and at least better than a Garmin zumo :).
  • However, the online maps provide a way smoother experience.
  • Interesting: opening the menu goes with the same “slow” 2 frames per second when offline maps are loaded. But with online maps activated, the menu is super smooth. Why is this? Should be a clue in here?

Because of the (in my opinion ugly) maps in Kurviger I again tried Cruiser at full 3040 resolution. Actually it DOES pan quite smooth, smoother than Kurviger Beta. Only panning to "new not viewed before parts of the map on overview zoom level shows slow (0.5 to 1 s) loading map tiles. After loading it is smooth panning again. Also the menu stays smooth, why is this? And why not use the Cruiser map “engine” (?) in Kurviger?

Cruiser platform uses Mapsforge engine.
Cruiser GL platform uses VTM OpenGL engine.

Different technologies, VTM is more modern with OpenGL acceleration, map rotation / tilt, etc.

But the fundamental reason for the problem here is not the engine, but the map data at those areas.
They should have categories per importance / size and not all nature data thrown together with same tags… then how map makers are supposed to filter them?

By the way would expect that GPU on such modern phones to be able to handle anything.
But then many phones with >FHD resolution, fall back to FHD for games, here is the answer.

VTM more modern? Cruiser GL does not handle 3040 resolution at all.
Cruiser is OK at 3040 and very ok at 2280, and looks good.
I would like to have the Kurviger route planner in Cruiser, or the Cruiser map experience in Kurviger.
Is this not possible somehow?

The actual reasons are already explained above. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also bitmap maps are faster as they are pre-rendered on server.
Also online routing is faster than offline routing for same reason.
Does that make them more modern? Not really, if prefer online.

@boldtrn can answer better in that.

Are your device’s dpi or other display settings changed from default?

Because the map here appears normally:

Here are more screenshots on larger screen resolution / dpi.
(similar 560dpi as S10 without thick roads)

Kurviger vs Cruiser GL:

Not sure, but it seems that there is a technical issue that roads are rendered too thick on @Teun’s device? The regular Kurviger map rendering is thicker roads compared to the default VTM theme to make it easy to identify roads during navigation.

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The netherlands map seems to be very demanding on the device.
There my phone also slows down to a frame rate of ~2-3 fps (with vegetation on).

And even the menue becomes slow when I view
Turning vegetation off makes a big difference here.

@Teun try panning around in the south German/Austrian area :wink:

Netherlands at similar zoom level as above looks “normal” here
settings | about | info
Kurviger Pro 1.11.6
Android 8.0.0 (API 26)
samsung SM-G930F
1080 x 1920 (480 dpi)
Google location on


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That could be, since it’s not a normal roads rendering, like demonstrated above for same screen DPI.

Several OEMs offer display modify options of resolution / dpi / etc. that can make the rendering worse.

Would be interesting if there are users with similar large screen resolutions to post some screenshots.
e.g. 1440 x 3040 pixels

Kurviger Pro 1.11.6
Android 8.0.0 (API 26)
samsung SM-G930F
1440 x 2560 (640 dpi)
Google location on

:astonished: It doesn’t recover to normal rendering, when resolution is set back to FHD

Rebooting the phone restored the rendering to normal

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This will help: I just discovered that I only get the thick roads when increasing resolution from lower to 3040 WITHOUT restarting the app. When I close and restart Kurviger, it looks normal again. Sorry if I caused confusion.


Indeed restarting the device and / or the applications after making such core changes in Android settings is often the easiest way to make sure that everything is initialized again with the new settings.

Sorry, I do not see that to be an answer, or probably i am just lacking some basic understanding to understand. I will rephrase my question a bit below, maybe that helps?

I use same downloaded maps in K and Cr (not GL) and I think the Cr look and speed is superior to the way K is handling these maps. So why can K not do the same as Cr (not GL) ?