Phantom u-turns indicated in guidance

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger
[DE] Ich glaube ich habe einen Fehler bei der Routenberechnung von Kurviger gefunden
I discovered another issue while riding the other day. As I was riding I was being told to make a number of u-turns but at no point did I actually have a u-turn to make. Looking at the imported GPX file I suspect I know the cause of this but they are what I’d call phantom u-turns since there isn’t a real need to do a you turn.

[EN] I read the corresponding documentation
[DE] Ich habe die entsprechende Documentation dazu gelesen
I didn’t find anything about this.

[EN] Here is a url to a short example (<10km) that shows the issue:
[DE] Hier ist ein Link zu einer kurzen Route (<10km) die das Problem zeigt:

[EN] Description of the issue and how it should work instead:
[DE] Beschreibung des Problems und wie es anstatt dessen funktionieren sollte:
In the link to the map, you’ll find 3 points, start, shaping and stop. If you display the turn instructions you’ll see that at shaping point 1 it indicates that I need to take a u-turn. I suspect kurviger is being to strict on the distance traveled and thinks that I need to ride a meter or two and then make a u-turn to go towards the next waypoint. I suppose that’s good practice on turns but not really what I’m looking for :wink:
I didn’t notice this until I was riding this route because even zoomed up it is hard to see a u-turn on the map. This route was from an imported GPX file. I reviewed the route but didn’t review the turn by turn instructions which is why I didn’t know about it until riding.
I’m not sure if anything can be done for this but it is troublesome because normally when I hear that I need to make a u-turn it’s because I missed a waypoint and really do need to turn around and head back in the other direction or a waypoint really was placed incorrectly and diverted me off the intended route such as a side street. That’s not the case in this situation.
I don’t recall this occurring in the past with other imported GPX files but this is also a new route from a new site so perhaps it would have always done this.

Just letting you know about this issue in case there is something that can be done to resolve it.

Please see the documentation where the reason and the solution are explained.

Reading Show list of u-turns in addition to the documentation may help …


Thanks, I didn’t find that discussion before submitting this question.

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