Pauze or stop trip. Not always shows arrow left/right

Today i imported a route which was made in Calimoto.

Not a problem import it and just start navigation.

But…what i experienced is that sometimes you just see a straight arrow with the km and sometimes you see an arrow which shows left or right wiht km. Even when the blue line goes right/left, i got an straight arrow. Hopefully this is just an “old” fixing program. What i also miss, is that it not always shows what your next step is.
1 time i saw a second row, which shows left after 150m

Other thing. When we stop for a pauze, there is no button for choose pauze. So i stopped the ride, and after the break i thought it will pick up the route again…not. it just became a mess. Al kinds of roads between the route.

For the rest i looks good, but to take a subscription i have to test it often.

Please provide more information on this or maybe an example. It can happen if you import a GPX track that you use too many waypoints and that these can be place on intersections or something like that.

Yes, this is only shown if the next turn is very close to current one. Otherwise we don’t show it.

Yeah, restarting the ride should work without a problem. It’s hard to say what happened without more information.

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If you are on the route it should just continue navigation.
If you are off-route you should get a question how to continue.

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I didn’t get this screen/pop up.
I “end” the ride, and after brake i just open the route and ticked navigation and then it showed the complete route with a lot of “extra” waypoints.

Robin, how can give you an example, then i must ride the route again.

Pauze. If this happens next time, what you suggest me to do? Make a copy of my screen? Or…

If you end the ride, and then open Kurviger again, your last route should still be there.
Maybe your issue is with the import of a third party gpx.
You can choose between automatic, track, waypoint and route.

Route examples are best shown as Kurviger link.
Also, you should tell us where you took the break. The simplest would be if you tell us the waypoint-number where you took the break.

We stopped somewhere between point 12 and 13.

As you can see, Cal has 10 wp, kurviger makes 28.

Send you later the gpx file

No! GPX do not help.
Exactly like Linux-User showed! Pleas share the Link of your Route

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Ok, that’s really weird, as there is nothing special about this section, it should just work. Have you been on the route or not? If you have been offroute and did not use this screen:

Then this would explain why you are getting a route recalculation. Because then the app will try to bring you to SP1.

You can disable automatic recalculation to avoid any changes to your planned route and run manual recalculation if you really want to recalculate.

Yes we ride the route as planned.
Others are using Calimoto and i used kurviger.

As a user, it’s not easy to reproduce the “errors”.

If i not get this screen/ pop up, what must i do?
Clear cache or shut down phone and restart the app?

Or tell me what to do, so i can explain to you clear what happened.

Are you using the current version?
Can be seen under settings
App-Version: 3.2.1 - 1573



You will only see this screen if you want to start he navigation and are offroute (more than a few 100 m).

It is possible that something went wrong like a jumping GPS signal when starting the navigation, I am not really sure. My suggestion would be to see if this error shows up again. If yes, maybe you can share some more info, take a screenshot or anything like that.

For us it’s hard to understand and reproduce them as well :slight_smile:.

Do you know when you updated?,it could be that when you did the ride you still had an older version. We added the new navigaition start screen with version 3.1.0 if I remember correctly, that was roughly 2 months ago, but there are still users with older versions out there :frowning:.

Sorry can’t say, as my apps update automatically.

Just started the route from my place and…i get this pop up screen :blush::blush::blush:. So it works.

If i choose for route from here, he recalculate and “forget” the points before.

About the arrows if that’s shows up again i will make a note and photos and make new topic.

For now thanks for all your support and drive safely :motorcycle:.