Passing waypoints.. auto or manual acknowledged?

Hi… I’m new to kurviger and was wondering how it handles passing set waypoints on a route?. Do I have to stop my bike… get my phone out and manually tell it to move to the next waypoint?. Or will it auto switch to the next waypoint when I pass the current one?..
Really hope it’s the latter!!. It’s a pain digging my phone out and stopping at every waypoint!.
Cheers!. :slight_smile:

Of course the app automatically switches to the next waypoint after passing the previous one (is there any navigation system existing which doesn’t?).

In the settings you can choose what the app should do after missing a waypoint (recalcute route or not).

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Pretty sure when I’ve used google maps… when I pass a waypoint it starts telling me to turn around and go back… have to get phone out and tell it I’ve arrived at the waypoint before it moves to the next… is a pain in the arse!. Lol… thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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How do you mean “pass”, while being on route or go off route and then pass it?

In both cases Kurviger continues navigation and resumes with next waypoints.

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I interpreted your term “passed” with “reached” that waypoint. With “missed” I meant “didn’t reach” the waypoint.

If reached a waypoint: automatically continues with the next one.

If missed / omitted / didn’t reach a waypoint: depending on the status of the “Rerouting”-option (under “Settings / Navigation”) Kurviger will calculate a new route (but only if online) or show an indicator arrow on the top of the map which shows you the way back to your route (indicated direction depends on the choosen option under “Settings / Route inidicator”).


Jup, it’s somewhat popular, you may have heard of it, it’s called “foogle naps” or something like that…

Joking aside, Google maps of course has a different purpose, waypoints there are actual stops, not “helper markers” to set a path. So yeah, kurviger is absolutely right in just passing and continuing with the next one

Edit: ah damn you already talked about Google maps, I was so proud of my joke I didn’t even check, sorry :smiley:

Explicit waypoint types (shaping, etc.) will come in a future version:

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I didn’t even knew yet that “Foogle Naps” can work with several waypoints. Thought is was an “one destination only”-thing. :grin: