OSM Layer underperforming

Dear Sir or Madam,

thanks for providing this page. It could be a great thing but…

I used kurviger some years back and got frustrated with the “routing”. Today I tried once again but it feels like it got even worse… Guys try to plan a tour on the balkan yourself…

This is where you end up with the fastest(!!) routing option chosen (Mljet - Dubrovnik) :

Basically you need to double check every chosen road on google to verify if there is not a problem… Yeah this page is free but it is such a hassle on the other hand…

And then, to literally kick a lying man in the face, your OSM layer for the map is so much underperforming. It takes forever to load the map…

Is there a reason for that? Or was it reported before?

The ESRI layer works fine performance-wise but there are not enough details on it. There is no difference between a hiking path and a normal road on the map display…

If you report a routing issue, please always provide a short route link that shows the issue and add some information what is wrong and what you think could be done to improve the situation.

Please note, OSM data varies in quality by different regions. You can find out more about this in our documentation here.

Please note, there are several map layers available. The map layers are provided by different 3rd parties. You can choose any layer that works well for you.

Here you go, this is just now… But it is ongoing since hours… To be honest it is a nightmare fiddeling in all those waypoints and double check with google every single kilometer. Next time I can also put the wayoints in my phone directly and safe the hassle with this page.


Comparison to google:


WHY? :frowning:

@Bjorn_Nilsson could you please provide a “Kurviger” link to the route.
It is virtually impossible to reproduce your route if you provide only an image.


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Germany relax pls :wink: It is a Sunday. No need to go ham on those routing errors today… Then anyway whole croatia will need a rework since so many roads seem to be classified in the wrong category… It is just a bit annoying to get those detours because either the navigation will spam commands or my wife might actually turn when she is driving :smiley: