OSM-Error in Oberbayern

… und ich find ihn nicht. Eine Änderung habe ich schon vorgenommen (“Linksabbiegen nicht erlaubt”) - ohne Ergebnis: https://kurv.gr/zh5Je
Vielleicht kann sich mal jemand mit mehr OSM-Kenntnissen das anschauen. Danke!

… and I can’t find it. I have already made one change (“left turn not allowed”) - without result: https://kurv.gr/zh5Je
Maybe someone with more OSM knowledge can take a look. Thanks!

Couldn’t find your change; I did it again. let’s see.

Nevertheless Kurviger’s Routing is strange here. In fastest mode it stays on the B472

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Therefore I think it is a topic of the Kurviger routing algorithm.

Thanks for reporting. It appears that this issue is already resolved?

The above turn restriction has fixed the routing issue.
Before that, the route looked similar to this route without the shaping point.

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