OSM database not updated since 2021-07-21?


First of all, I’d like to express many thanks and my honest appreciation for the awesome work the developers delivered with the kurviger.de web site.

However, it seems that the OSM database is slightly out-of-date. When I click on the “Datum OSM Datenbank” link of the menue (yes, I’m using the German web site version), it says:


which seems odd given that I was under the impression, that the OSM database is updated daily in kurviger.

Kind regards

Yes usually the database is updated on a daily base. We have done some larger changes in the background that prevented us from daily updates. The daily updates should be back in the next days.

Sollte jetzt wieder funktionieren.

Yep, thanks a lot!

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quick reminder to stay in English if the OP was English :wink: