OSM changes - update frequency

I’ve updated a few POI’s (+ adding missing street’s) on OSM.

How long does it take (update frequency) to update the Kurviger Liberty (Web) and Maplilon (App) with the new data?

In the app better use the offline maps.

There are many offline map providers.

Unfortunately this doesn’t answers my question.

I do want to use the online maps.
The offline maps I’ve tried (Kurviger, mapsforge) are not up to date either.

So how often is the update frequency?

You should wait @boldtrn to answer about the server.

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This answer did you get 15 days ago - don’t you remember such things or do you want to keep us busy?

I did not forget, but I’ve added (for example) the missing street 6 days ago and it’s already visible (since 6 days) on osm.

So 2 days can’t be correct and please stop your sarcasm.

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Routing is different from maps.

Maps are more difficult to create and can be updated at a slower rate.

The routing data of a country can be created in some minutes,
while its map creation may take many hours…

Kurviger Liberty and Mapilion are updated multiple times per year. Usually it should be about ever 1-2 months.

The offline maps are also updated about every 1-2 months.

The routing data, is updated daily.


The offline maps have been updated by now.