Orientation of Kurviger screen on smartphone changes during driving

From time to time the orientation of the Kurviger screen on my smartphone changes from landscape orientation to portrait orientation and back - during driving. In addition it always changes to landscape when the scooter stops at a crossing for example. As soon as I start to drive again - it changes back to the ‘straight forward’ orientation of the direction arrow.

My smartphone is laying flat in a bag with plastic front on my handlebar - works well too without issues when using my navigation device ( Navigon ). Only when I use my smartphone with Kurviger - this orientation isse takes place. Even if I use ‘google maps’ on my smartphone - no orientation change during driving - only with Kurviger on the screen.

What could be the reason ?

You can lock app orientation in Settings | Application | Screen orientation so that it remains steady even with vibrations when device is flat.

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