OPTION: Re-calculate route "manually" instead of automatically


maybe it is already possible, but I canot find out how: WOuld it be an option to start calculation of a route manually i.e. by pressing “calculate route” instead of Kurviger re-caculating automatically/instantly when I delete a trackpoint? I import tracks with hundreds of trackpoints and this kills the performance. So deleting some points is a nightmare as slong as Kurviger re-calculates immediately.

Or do I miss something? In that case please advise.

Otherwise I suggest to implement this feature.

Cheers, Arne

We have this on our todo list already. Right now you have to delete them manually or when importing you can select the number of points you want to be imported and you can set this to a lower number (e.g. 50-100).

Deleting a lot of points will currently lead to being blocked from Kurviger for a short time, it’s no permanent issue and has no other negative side effects for you and you can continue deleting points, in the end you will have to wait some time to be able to send a successful request.

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Thanks for the swift reply.