Opening GPX files from TotalCommander with kurviger app (Android) / Öffnen von GPX files aus TotalCommander mit kurviger-App (Android)

Opening GPX files from TotalCommander with kurviger app (Android)

For some reason the TotalCommander always opened my GPX files with OsmAnd, although OsmAnd was not the default app in Android.

Workaround to open them with kurviger:

  • TotalCommander: Menu / Configure…
  • Internal associations
  • enter “.gpx” for file extension
  • Click on icon / “Installed Apps” / select kurviger
  • at command enter “” (for kurviger Pro App)


Öffnen von GPX files aus TotalCommander mit kurviger-App (Android)

Aus irgendeinem Grund öffnete der TotalCommander bei mir GPX Files immer mit OsmAnd, obwohl OsmAnd nicht als Standard-App im Android eingetragen war.

Abhilfe, um sie mit kurviger zu öffnen:

  • TotalCommander: Menü / Konfigurieren…
  • Interne Verknüpfungen
  • bei Dateiendung “.gpx” eingeben
  • Symbol anklicken / “Installierte Apps” / kurviger auswählen
  • bei Befehl “” eingeben (für kurviger Pro App)

One of the best file managers on desktop or Android.

(BTW: I am familiar with Total Commander since Middle Age :wink: on the PC, when it still was named Windows Commander - and yes: it is extermely useful and I had and have installed it, always as one of the very first installations after a new setup of a computer, on ALL my digital devices …!!
Feels like a part of my looong digital biografy, starting in the early eighties - but that is a completely different story … :laughing:)

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Alternatively can long press on files and select “Open with” from the popup menu.

Yes, of course - but an old roule says “it is better to do something with one click, than to do it with 3 clicks” (here: click = tap) and even better than one long press followed by two taps :wink:
But indeed the “Open with” function was the way I found out the command to enter …
Regards Markus

Yes; the “Total Commande” was a good successor for the “Norton Commander”, but if you work with Linux, try the “Krusader”. For me it is a more than worthy successor for the “Total Commander”, just the “Drag and Drop” function with the mouse is a great tool!

On Linux (if not being on KDE) there is also Double Commander, inspired by Total Commander and compatible with its plugins.

For Kurviger 2.2.24 you have to change the internal association to


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For Kurviger 3.x I use





Additionally I have added (do not know why any more :frowning: ):



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