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Open the Forum via Shortcut

Hey Guys,

I have a little problem. I use the forum mostly at my phone. I created a shortcut at the Front page.
If I open the Forum, it’s always not up to date. I can’t understand why, but I believe it’s not a problem of the Website. I think it may has something to do with my device. Has anyone else a problem like this.

I added a screenshot from today. As you can see, one thread is about the version. We are at 1.11.now.

Any suggestions?

Interesting, does it look different if you visit the forum through the regular link: https://forum.kurviger.de/

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No. It’s the same. The first 3 entrys are not the latest ones. I don’t know why. If I swap to desktop view, it works better.

But then again, it’s not a big deal. I can live with it.

Regards, Nico

I just double checked on my device, it looks the same. I think there is something wrong with the category view on mobile if there are pinned topics…

You can click on “Categories” on the top and select a different view to only see the lastest topics.

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That was my thought also. Thanks that you checked it.
Regards, Nico

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