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Open map links in new tab/window - Kartenlinks in neuem Tab/Fenster öffnen

Hi all,

The “Show on…” links in the right click menu all open in the current window/tab.

Probably many already know, but I found out that if you click on “What’s here” the same links are then available in the “Detail Information” panel under “Further Information”, and they can be middle clicked/right clicked to open in a new window/tab.



hope that may be helpful, cheers

Deepl > German
Hallo zusammen,

Die “Anzeigen bei…”-Links im Rechtsklickmenü öffnen sich alle im aktuellen Fenster/Tab.

Wahrscheinlich wissen das viele schon, aber ich habe herausgefunden, dass, wenn man auf “Was ist hier” klickt, die gleichen Links dann im “Detail Information”-Panel unter “Weitere Informationen” verfügbar sind, und sie können mit einem Mittelklick/Rechtsklick in einem neuen Fenster/Tab geöffnet werden.

Ich hoffe, das ist hilfreich, danke

What browser do you use?

With Firefox (on Linux) they open in a new tab.

Same with Chrome (on Windows 10).

I think a browser can overwrite the default behaviour. The website is explicitly asking the browser to use a new window or tab. The right click menu uses a different technique to open these, so it can happen that these actually behave slightly different.

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Ah, very interesting. yes it does open in a new tab on Opera/Android too.

I should have tested more thoroughly.

I’m using Firefox on windows - might be one of my extensions. I’ll do some testing.

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Nevertheless it was or is a helpfull hint for users with the same effect as you had when using kurviger website with a certain browser or extensions.