Open map files

Downloaded the map for Thailand (Mapillion) but can’t change the language fro thai to english. When I try it says ‘invalid map’. Any suggestions.

You need to open the downloaded map file and then can change its map language.
(see the offline maps guide)

Downloaded the Thailand map then went in to Open Maps, 2 files in there neither of which will open.

  • Browse to the folder where your downloaded map file was saved
  • Select the map file
  • Press the open button

It’s a similar process with how we open files on a computer.

Found the file in Downloads on my phone, clicked to open it and it says ‘you don’t have any apps to open this type of file. Search in Google Play Store’ . So I click on that and it takes me in to play store showing a list of all the route planning GPS apps. Why doesn’t kurviger open it itself. I’m going nuts here. Ready to go back to Ride with GPS. At least their maps are in english.

Please check the offline maps guide, the process is as simple as open a file in your computer.

You need to open the downloaded map file with the Kurviger app, not an external file manager.

I’ve done that. Open kurviger pro. Click on Menu. Click on Maps. Click on Download Maps. Click on Asia. Click on Thailand. Download starts. After download is complete I click on Open Maps which opens a new box with the same 2 files as always, neither of which will open. Back to square 1.

You describe a different process, like you try to open the map file from outside the app.

You do that with the app’s file manager?
What are those 2 files?

You can provide some screenshots so community can understand what you exactly do and help.

You should do this inside Kurviger:
Map | open map | open map

  • there you should see a “file browser”
  • go to the “download folder” and check “”
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Can’t work out how to send a screenshot but when I click on Open Maps it open a new box showing 2 files as under:



But neither of them will open. I can download the thailand map as often as I want and nothing changes when I Open Maps. Still the same 2 empty files.

Those are not files, they are folders, the 2 available storages:

  • Internal storage
  • SD card

When app’s file manager first appeared, it asked for storage permission. Did you granted it?
If not, you can grant the storage permission for the app in Android permission settings.

If you grant the storage permission then you can click any of those locations, browse in the download folder and select the map file for opening it.

If you don’t want to grant storage permission then you need to move the map file inside one of those folders, so the app can see it and then browse there and open it.

On my phone the “download folder” is:

You should be able to browse there?!

Finally got it. Thanks for putting up with me.