Open Kurviger Routing API for other apps?

Hi all,

as many of you I was very surprised and disappointed by the discontinuation of Kurviger 2.x.

Many of the features in it had just made it the best choice for me to navigate while on the road in more remote countries (i.e. offline maps with complete country download, navigation calculation based on preference, showing of hight lines in the app…)

As Kurviger 2.x is now discontinued but Cruiser being continued I was wondering if there was a way to allow Cruiser (and other apps) to use the Kurviger navigation going forward and allowing the existence of a bigger variety of navigation apps.

I do not see Kurviger 3.x ever using Map box ever coming close to the independence that Kurviger 2.x had and I am torn as there does not seem to be a good alternative out there.

I know that Scenic on iOS uses the Kurviger API so surely this must be possible for Android?
What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks and cheers,

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The new Kurviger app uses Maplibre as a mapping library, not Mapbox. We have already contributed several improvements back to Maplibre and are working closely with the Maplibre community. As mentioned previously, the current navigation experience will dramatically improve.

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@boldtrn thanks for the update I did not know. That sounds great - so is there a map download by countries planned? For some reason I could not find anything about this topic in particular - in the threads regarding offline map material it sounded like it’s not, that is why I opened this topic.

Maybe I missed it and you can redirect me to the thread to ask these questions. I am just concerned how I will continue to navigate the middle east come January.


We plan a download for an area, probably this will be independent from actual countries.

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As a general rule in life I don’t recommend using software that is in “Beta” status in situations that are critical for life or material. We really can’t give you an arrival date on most features yet, for a trip in January you might need to fall back to Kurviger 2 for now.

But you could also use multiple apps in parallel and let us know how the new app was doing :slight_smile: That would be highly appreciated


January came and went and I am no longer able to use Kurviger 2 Pro. Nor am I able to use Kurviger 3 for offline maps (read, no route).

I am currently using Kurviger 1 Pro which is quite a step backwards and makes my experience very exhausting.

Is there any way to keep Kurviger 2 available and usable with Pro features for the time being?

Thanks and cheers!

No, sorry.

There is not much we can do right now, if you can’t use K3.

I don’t want to start an unnecessary war, but wouldn’t making the API available to Cruiser be a solution? Just like with Scenic. Of course, only available to Tourer subscribers. Maybe then everyone would be happy using what they like and no one would lose out?

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Currently, there is no such solution available. So for now, this is not possible.