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Open current route on Website and save to cloud

Planning a route on mobile device (mobile phone / tablet) I prefer to use the app because there are two main benefits:

  • the handling of the app is much better than using the website via browser on a touch device. Remark: I mention this not to blame the Website - I think the app is designed to be used on touch devices, so - of course - it has benefits there
  • during planning I can use offline maps - this reduces data transfer and increases speed, especially with slow data connection

Nevertheless sometimes I switch to the Website at the end, if I want to use features currently not available in the app. In that case I export an .kurviger file from the app and import that file via browser on the website.

To improve this, I propose to implement a function “Open current route on Website” in the app (Route points,parameters etc. can be transfered via querystring to the website), so that it is just one tap (or two or three, if it is in a menu) to switch to the website and I do not have to export file, open browser, goto kurviger website, start import, select / open the file, which is not so comfortable especially on a mobile phone with a small display.

What do you think - would that be a useful feature?

You can use the Share action and transfer easier the route in the browser?

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You are right - now I do not understand why I did not get that idea (I was fixated on .kurviger file …).

That solution includes >90% of the benefit of my proposal (compared to working with kurviger file).

Thanks for the hint.

I have seen sometimes that people use complicated ways to rework routes from the app (usually on mobile phone or tablet) on an other device (e.g. PC) in web version.
Example: Error importing this kurviger file from the app into kurviger web - #14 by Tom

Meanwhile there is a cloud on the website available, so I would like to expand may proposal above.

Perhaps this would be a useful feature:

  • From the app the current route can be opened on website (via browser of android device)
  • In the URL a queryparameter should be added, which leads the website to save the given route directly in the cloud (without the need of further actions by the user)
  • The route should be saved in a special cloud folder (e.g. “App imports”)
  • Optionally: Website handles that no route are overwritten, e.g. by adding a suffix to filename if route name already exists.

This feature would give the possibility to copy current route from app to web cloud with just 1 click / tap.
Afterwards the user can open kurviger website on any other device and access the copied route via the cloud - no manual copying / sending of files or route links is necessary.

Additional this would be a “backdoor” for the app to store a route in the cloud without the need to implement the cloud handling in the app.

@boldtrn , @devemux86 : Please give me feedback, if I should create a new topic for that idea, then I will do.

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I am not sure if an automatic save would be good vs. opening the route on the website and pressing the save button manually. That way you can a) set the route name and b) select the folder to save the route to.

Otherwise you might end up with routes in a folder that you then need to move to a different folder and rename.

I think in most cases the name in the cloud is the same as on mobile device.
The main idea is that the user has not to select folder in browser of mobile phone (with probably small screen) and not to tap further button(s), but can do all further things more comfortably in browser of PC with large screen and mouse.
I agree - that leads to further effort on PC, but via the button "move to other folder " that is not much effort.

I am not yet 100% convinced :slight_smile:. Saving a tour should be quite mobile friendly? Is something not working properly for you?

Working on tablet (10") is ok - and that is my default use case (planning on tablet, not on mobile phone).

Using my mobile phone (4.3" screen) is - hmmmm - uncomfortable.

Currently I have to

  • create and copy link from app to clipboard in app
  • open browser
  • paste link in url
  • navigate through tabs and menus to save in cloud

That is annoying - but nevertheless I think the priority of my proposal is low (can not estimate the effort), it is just comfort …

Depending on the implementation something like this might still be required, maybe it can be a little simplified.

When you open a route on the website, there is a big button “Save route”.

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 10.27.06

With this button, no tabs should be required, just save, select the folder and save. This should be possible on 5" phones?

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Thanks for the hint - I did not see that before (switched to cloud tab and saved there). That makes it easier.

If other users also do not get that, perhaps a hint on the save button might help (a cloud symbol, or text "Route->Cloud, etc.) - I thought that button would start the export function (= save locally).

And of course that’s possible on mobile phone without problems - it just a question of comfort, which has been increased by your hint :+1:

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Danke für den Hinweis, ja eventuell müsste man hier ein Cloud Logo anzeigen anstatt der “Diskette”.