Only arrows for navigation

I use the PRO-Version. Yesterday, my headphones were broken. So I had to navigate with screenmode on. I use to read my reading glasses. The arrows (in this case only) are too small for me. Some navigationsystems offer a “only arrow navigation” without showing a map. Would (or IS?) it possible to switch to a “full screen arrow navigation”? It would be SO HELPFULL.
Thanks for some replies.

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Thanks for the request.

That may come in the future as an extra navigation display mode.

Also you can change display size in Android “Settings | Display | Display size”.

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Thank you. A little workout for German users.
In Germany, Samsung S8+, they call it:
Anzeige/Bildschirmzoom. (English: Display/Screenzooming ???)
Then a little puppet on the right bottom side appears.
Click on the puppet and another click on the screenpart for zooming.
Nearly perfect.
Again… Thanks!

Each OEM changes Android and names differently its settings.

eine Gleitsichtbrille :+1: würde helfen :sunglasses: