Online route calculation does not work


I just planned a new route in kurviger Tourer (Abo version) in Chrome:

All looks good but as I try to load it in the App (2.2.21 and PRO 1.14.21) neither QR code nor the short link works. I receive in either way the message ‘Route nicht gefunden’ and no route is displayed, only the shaping points and waypoints are shown on the map:

Do I make a mistake or is it a bug?

These imports use online route calculation on the server.

It must have been a temporary server problem.
(even Mapilion online map did not work)

Everything now seems to be working properly.

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Confirmed - now it works again

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Cloudflare is currently having issues:

It should be resolved shortly.

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Confirmed, works again :slight_smile:

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