Often No voice output when another app is speaking

I war using Kurviger 1.8.1 on my Galaxy Note 9 (Android 9.1) today top try and route me (which worked OK). However, I also had the BBC Player play radio to my headset at the same time. Very often, Kurviger interrupted the Radio output, but then never said anything (1-4 seconds of silence). Inly occasionally did I get an actual voice notification, but that rather late.

For this I had Kurviger set to ‘media/music audio’. I will try again on my next ride with a different setting, but I would like to know if there is better guidance on how Kurviger should play with other media/audio apps . I also have an app ‘Audify’ set to speak notifications (but i configured Audify to not speak notifications from Kurviger, not that any had been made)

Did you check your settings in the voice output area? There is a setting to either pause music or change the volume. I would suggest to experiment with this setting as well :slight_smile:.

yes it’s set to pause music. It does tht (radio goes silent) but then it doesn’t speak. When I turn off the BBC radio add, all voice prompts are audible. Just not when the radio app is on I need to test with another audio app also. On the next ride.

Is there a debug build or code that allows me to collect logs that aid in debugging?