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Offline routing



So sehr ich mir auch ein Offline-Routing wünsche, verstehe ich nicht wie man komplett ohne nicht klar kommt mit der App.
Auch mir ist es schon öfters passiert das es eine Umleitung oder ähnliches gab, dann habe ich kurz an der Seite angehalten und mir selbst auf der Karte einen Weg gesucht…

Übersetzt mit DeepL:
As much as I would like to have an offline routing, I don’t understand how to completely get along with the app without it.
Also it happened to me already often that there was a detour or something similar, then I stopped briefly at the side and looked for myself on the map a way…


Actually no need to convince me about any advantages of an offline solution.

After all I am the developer of Mapsforge + VTM offline vector map libraries!

Strange is how many prefer online maps in Kurviger, instead of offline ones… :confused:


Ich würde das Offline Routing auch sehr gut finden.
Da wir bei uns wo ich wohne so ein schlechtes Netz haben, kann ich von Zuhause außerhalb des W-Lan Empfang nicht mal eine Route berechnen lassen.
Auch wenn ich unterwegs bin ist mir das leider schon öffters vorgekommen. Z.B. auch in großen Teilen vom Schwarzwald gibt es kein Netz. Auch haben manche Unterkünfte kein W-Lan, so dass es unmöglich ist eine Route berechnen zu lassen. Leider haben wir in D einen schlechten Netzausbau und dazu kommen noch die ganzen Baustellen und Umleitungen. Auch im EU Ausland ist es mir schon oft vorgekommen.
Das soll allerdings nicht die super Arbeit und Leistung vom Kurviger Team schmälern. Ihr macht einen klasse Job :ok_hand::+1:
Dennoch wäre ein Offlinerouting für mich auch sehr wichtig. Das ist der einzige Grund warum ich noch Alternativapps nutze.

Gruß Oliver


not the same population. Offline is for travellers and more offroad or far countries . Offline is a necessity, as long as you travel out of weekend sor sunny european trips… And there’s still a market for it…Not big but we are a lot to be able to pay a good price for it ! ( not a licence, for same reasons). I’m using graphHooper to make around trip by Russia Georgia, Armenia, Turkey etc… Works well ( and the now 80 points lakes it easier), but lots of single trails can’t be defined, even if they are seen on the OSM … Still dreaming of a simple app where you just draw your routing on the map screen and it converts in GPX. So it’s up to you to go through a forest, cross a small river, then take a highway, etc… It will allow to be in/out of topo maps and general ones. Loading and working on small topo areas is not realistic… Because on the way, I will have changes, discover some places,etc…( same reason why online routing is not a “'real world” way) and how use topo areas for a 12000 km trip ? :wink:


Seems pretty logic that people prefer online in kurviger, if I understand it… Offline just doesn’t work; sorry. Detour, roadworks, turns mistakes, all things happen, and even faster on bikes… If you don’t go back or join the already online planned itienrary, you 're f…d That’s exactly how I test and value gps prgs : Make a mistake , turn around and see how the prg catches up ! Some great prgds can act like shit in this case !! Especially , because of fast turns and direction changes of bikes :slight_smile: And don’t forget that 3g /4g is not free, and can be a big pb in lots fo countries when you are not living there and just have access to expensive solutions. If you get a sim card you try not to use it for routing , to preserve the expensive data use … g/4g is still crazy costly in Hungary where I live now , and if i go in turkey, I won’t be allowed to buy / use a TK sim card for more than 12 days ! Not enough to explore country…


Yes, I think we all agree that offline routing would be a nice addition to Kurviger :slight_smile:, and this is something we would all like to see in the future for Kurviger :+1:.

I stayed for quite a long time in countries with almost no internet coverage, where driving for 500 km without reception happens regularly, and traveled there with Kurviger. I can fully agree, that it would have been handy at times.

On the other hand offline routing has several serious issues and downsides, that need to be handled accordingly. It’s not a straight forward as one might think.


Free roaming man :smiley: don’t caaaaare anymore

Stick to the Alpes, man the Swiss have got it figured out so hard