Offline routing: GraphHopper or BRouter?

Offline routing has been made available in Kurviger 1.12.4.

Which of the two offline routing services do you use the most and why?

  • GraphHopper
  • BRouter

Hallo, ich nutze nur den BRouter, aus folgenden Gründen: Länderübergreifendes Routing, verschiedene Profile nutzbar, einfacherer Download und Update der Daten.
Hi, I only use the BRouter for the following reasons: Cross-country routing, different profiles can be used, easier download and update of data.

exactly the same for me …

So sehe ich das auch!

Currently I am using GraphHopper (well, Kurviger-GraphHopper in settings).
The reason is, that I had issues with BRouter unintentionally skipping waypoints App: Offline routing (BRouter)
This may have been improved in recent App versions, I simply haven’t enough time to test.
Currently development is faster than I can test. :wink: :+1:

But if the intention of this thread is, to remove one routing service - then keep BRouter!

Offline maps, GraphHopper, etc. are not “free”. We pay servers to maintain their data.

But question was for statistics. App’s future model can be better discussed in its topic.

This is explained and must have already been improved in: