Offline maps + routing issues

Hi Guys!

Question from an absolute Kurviger Rookie.

Awesome app you made!Immediately purchased the pro version on my tablet which im using as navigation tool on my adv bike.

I have a question. Im strugling with the offline maps and routing. My tablet does not have internet as soon as I leave the house. So im strugling with creating and offline route when I’m not connected with internet… I have downloaded the maps in Europe for my
region and also the BRouter as I’m planning on doing LD trips all over Europe/world including border crosses. The maps are also downloded for offline use.

Somehow i cant manage to create a route without internet eventhough I have downloaded and uploadde the maps etc. How does this work?

IMHO the way offline maps and navigation work with offline google maps is super easy. can I do this too with kurviger with the option of curvy routes etc?

Hope to hear from you.

Offline maps can be used for rendering the maps without internet (no routing).
(see offline maps guide)

Offline routing is separate and can be used when there is no internet available.
(see offline routing guide)

To use BRouter, need also to select it in “Settings | Routing | Routing service”.

I have read all those pages and followed instructions, but doesn’t seem to work with me…

This option was my main reason to purchase this app, but somehow doesn’t work for me yet.

Is there a tutorial for rookies like me available other then the pages in the above comment?

BRouter installation instructions are simple:

  • Install BRouter app from Google Play
  • Open BRouter and select storage location for data and Download manager
  • Zoom and select the region for offline routing and start downloading
  • Select one of the BRouter options in Kurviger “Settings | Routing | Routing service”

Have you done each one of those steps?

Yes exactly that js what I did.

So when you create an offline route without internet available. Do you just open the app, open offline map, pin an end destination, create route and go? It should be that simpel right?

As explained above, offline maps are not related to offline routing.

Offline routing requires to install GraphHopper or BRouter data.
(instructions exist in offline routing guide)

Thank you! Ill have another close look at both to have a better understanding and hopefully soon be able to create fun offline routes from anywhere :slight_smile:

For a better understanding, you may also have a look at my comment here:

And of course the documentation

Thanks for clarifying Manfred! Very helpful. One thing I would like to ask. You say the following;

Do you mean that if I create any route whilst connected to internet in an ‘offline map’, then just hit the road without internet and Kurviger will still navigate?

Please don’t confuse maps with routing.
Like already explained above, these are 2 completely different things.

Navigation is always offline, since it requires only a calculated route.

What is available with & without internet is also described in the FAQ:

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many thanks! Very helpful and apologies for the confusion. New to this all! But will be expert soon hopefully :slight_smile:

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Explaining some terms: