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Offline maps invalid magic byte



I have a problem.with Italy offline map. I tried the download also from openandromaps from the smatrtphone and the computer with several browser but there is an invalid magic byte. I tried the maps with Cruiser and they are ok.


what kind of problem do you have with “magic byte”?

I just tested: Download Italy.map from


via Chrome browser and open it in Kurviger Pro App, Version 1.6, on an Asus ZenPad with Android 7.

I could not find any problem, Zooming and Panning works.

How did you force the error?




If the same file works with Cruiser, it should work with Kurviger as well. Are you sure you tried the same file? Maybe it’s worthwhile to try and restart your device?

Also are you adding several maps or are you opening only one map? Make sure that in the open map dialog you choose to open, and not add (Note: adding is not a problem in general, but maybe there is an issue on your device due to the adding?).


That seems like an invalid map file, e.g. download isn’t finished.

Kurviger uses Cruiser platform, so behavior should be equal for the same file.