Offline behavior Kurviger 3

I have been playing with Kurviger 3 for a couple of days now. Unlike the previous versions it doesn’t seem to be useable fully offline. In particular I noticed the following issue:

When trying to resume the navigation after it has been paused the app needs online connection to continue otherwise there is an error message and the route seems to disappear. If I’m connecting to the internet for a brief moment when resuming I can disconnect again and the navigation works.

I’m doing trips to remote areas with little to none cell phone coverage so that makes the app useless for my application. Also is there anyone here who knows at what point if any internet connection is a must to make the app to fully function. I have the maps offline and the route is locally stored. Any help is much appreciated.


Are you using the Android or iOS app? iOS is currently having issues when you pause the navigation without an active internet connection. Android should be able to handle this.

Anch’io ho appena fatto un tour nei santuari dell’Appennino umbro. Dove ci sono degli eremi persi nei boschi e senza segnale telefonico (internet) , ad ogni pausa ho avuto problemi e 2 volte ho continuato in percorsi sbagliati. É urgente revisionare il codice ed aggiungere strade chiuse… Non è “diverte” trovarsi nei boschi degli Appennini in strade sterrate e non sapere dove andare.

I too have just taken a tour of the sanctuaries of the Umbrian Apennines. Where there are hermitages lost in the woods and without telephone signal (internet), at every break I had problems and twice I continued along the wrong paths. It is urgent to revise the code and add closed roads. It is not “fun” to be in the woods of the Apennines on dirt roads and not knowing where to go.

Provato anche da cronologia a ricaricare il percorso

Also tried from history to reload the route

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I’m using Android.

Yesterday I also noticed something that is the final nail in the coffin. When using Kurviger offline and I deviate from the route there is no recalculation.

Yes, you need internet connection for recalculation and for most other things. Offline maps are used to minimize data traffic. It is still possible to deviate from the planned route, the arrow in left upper corner shows you the direction.

The maps are based on openstreetmap (as most navigation apps, except the very big players). Everybody can maintain closed roads in openstreetmap!

When you maintain the closure, Kurviger avoids closed roads. Or when the roads are closed only for a period, it shows a warning in the planned route and you can check the condition and decide what to do. So the code is here, but possibly not the master data … as in business. :wink:


Rivedere il codice per la navigazione offline.
Aggiungere il ricalcolo percorso su strade chiuse è un’altra cosa che manca… Ma non è oggetto di questo forum

Review the code for drive offline.
Adding route recalculation on closed roads is another thing that’s missing. But it’s not the subject of this forum

Hi, identical to Christian I experienced the same issue that you need to be online when either restarting or when you need re-calculation of the route, and, also identical to Christian, I believe that there should be a fix in order to be able to have a tour completely offline.
@Toffel: Am interested why any device would need online connection for any of these activities.
My former (Becker) navigation system didn’t need (and even didn’t have the ability for) an online connection.
If the route is downloaded and stored in the app and the maps are offline availoable I cannot see any reason the need of an online connection.

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Simple answer: That’s the way it works. Everything is stored in the cloud. As the calculation of a route requires internet as well, it would be quite useless to have favorites or routes on the device. Yes, if there would be an offline routing engine, I would agree to have everything on the device. I am not aware, on which position offline routing is on the Todo-List.

In my car, Becker is the even the current navigation system. Still the best! :slight_smile:

But I cannot easily plan a route in my mobile and transfer it, the same with addresses.

But I also agree here, as I wonder since years, what functionality and maps can be packed on a 2GB-card, where openstreetmaps for Germany exceed this by far. Perhaps there was just a lot of more money behind. Unfortunately not enough, they do not exist anymore.

Then still the logic to calculate the route is missing. Route calculation on the servers from kurviger is much faster. Offline routing with several hundreds or even thousands of kilometers would be annoying.