Offline and online maps

no time to test yet, but Maps are only showed as ONLINE Maps instead of OFFLINE Maps… this is confusing.

Can you explain in more detail what you mean?

The 6th submenu under MAPS wasn’t this called OFFLINE Maps before? If I switch the map vendor, then it is only called ONLINE maps. Or how can I switch between online and offline maps?

The “Online maps” menu had always the same name, because it provides only online maps.

Please have a look at documentation where all map actions are described in detail with images.

Did you maybe open Kurviger Free instead of Kurviger Pro? The free version doesn’t have the menus for offline maps.

absolutely, this is moaning on the highest stage :slight_smile:

But I have again tried according to the documentation. I normally only use offline maps, have opened the maps and selected “OpenMapSurfer”, but the menu still says Online Maps (also with other map vendors)…

no, I only have the pro version installed.

Actually that was an answer to @Patrick. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding your maps question, still cannot clearly understand.
As seen in documentation there are 2 kinds of maps:

  • Offline maps: can open their files via menu Map | Open maps
  • Online maps: can select them via menu Map | Online maps
    e.g. OpenMapSurfer is an online map, accessible via 2nd menu.

ok then I was wrong and misleaded. Thx