Odd routing via Highway

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger
[DE] Ich glaube ich habe einen Fehler bei der Routenberechnung von Kurviger gefunden

[EN] I read the corresponding documentation
[DE] Ich habe die entsprechende Documentation dazu gelesen

[EN] Here is a url to a short example that shows the issue:
[DE] Hier ist ein Link zu einer kurzen Route die das Problem zeigt:

[EN] The route is leaving the highway although I’ve chosen “fastest route”. If I do the same route on Driving Directions - GraphHopper Maps, it routes via the highway as expected. Therefore the OSM routing data in general seems ok.
[DE] Die Route verlässt die Autobahn, obwohl ich “schnellste Route” gewählt habe. Wenn ich die gleiche Route auf Driving Directions - GraphHopper Maps route, verläuft sie wie erwartet über die Autobahn. Daraus schließe ich, dass die OSM-Routing-Daten grundsätzlich ok sind.

[EN] Did I overlook something or is the behaviour from Kurviger strange?
[DE] Habe ich etwas übersehen oder verhält sich Kurviger seltsam?

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wow, that one looks really odd. Can’t find any road blockages or gates or misplaced markers, and you also don’t have any routing options active that interfere. This seems plain and simple like something that we should @-Robin to have another example for refinement

thanks for posting!

Edit: nope, I’ll take that back, there’s a long duration road construction ongoing and the max speed is currently set to 60 km/h, no wonder Kurviger avoids that if the secondary road is 100km/h


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Thank you, Patrick! That makes sense.

I did not know that Kurviger is analysing max speed on highways. So I learned something new. I guess in such cases I’ve to check the tags per way within OSM.org.

Thanks again!

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