Notification when a voted feature is done?

This forum allows us to vote for features. Does it also allow you guys to close such threads as “completed” or “implemented” or something and then - more importantly - send a notification to the people who voted for it?

Currently devemux writes in a lot of posts “done in version X.Y” (again, dude, nice effort :clap:), but he may overlook something or decide it costs too much time

I know, we talked about something similar already here, but I don’t think it’s a duplicate, this time I’m asking about a notification, not releasing the votes

Doesn’t seem that users care much for the voting procedure. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cannot close the feature threads, as afterwards none can comment there.

So we opted to tag them as implemented and also inform via a message.

Don’t know if in forum user settings there are options for more notifications.

… which is one of the saddest things on this whole forum. You’re right, and I’m super sad about it :frowning:

Uhhh nice, hadn’t noticed before, thanks!

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