"nothing found" error when clilck on short URL in email or text

Can’t seem to get this to work on app but works on website but don’t understand why:
https: //kurv.gr/GyBab
Remove spaces otherwise you would not see link

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Hi, Sorry I don’t really understand your question. Your link seems to work when clicking on it. Yes, the actual representation here in the forum has a space where it doesn’t belong, but the link itself works. And you can edit your question to remove the space

So what exactly does not work?

If you want to send URLs to your friends that are as short as possible, you can indeed do it like this:


But beware that some programs (like their email clients, their browsers…) might not recognize it as a link and pre-format it (paint it blue and make it clickable). But copy-pasting should always work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report, it was because one point has text.
It will work correctly in next app release.

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Works now in Kurviger 1.8.1.

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