No voice at split screen mode

Hi, I found usefull to have Kurviger Pro and Waze opened at foreground in the split screen mode, where Kurviger provides navigation and Waze displays speed limit and provides voice notifications of speed radars. Unfortunately in this mode Kurviger voice guidance does not work. It works in single screen mode with Waze in background (and Waze voice notifications functioning there), and it also works where Waze is in foregroung and Kurviger in background. Even in the split screen the Kurviger voice is ok, but only until first Waze voice notification is played.
I’d be ok with Waze in background, but in many cases during my trips I am not sure what is the current speed limit, so a quick look at Waze app gives me this info. Isn’t there a chance to have speed limit information in Kurviger app? That would help with my “problem”, too. :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help.
(HRY-LX1, Android 10)

It seems the other app holds the text-to-speech engine for itself.
Anyway navigators are not meant to be used together like that.

If you want to show speed limits “above” Kurviger,
community has found other more useful methods.

Speed limits will come in the future: