No voice after Android 10

Hi there! After I uploaded the Android version 10, unfortunately I can not hear any voice by kurviger pro by the navigation. By the energy save settings I choose the option where the app should function in the background - but unfortunately without any success :frowning:

Could anybody help me?

Please post the device details, copy the “Settings | About | Info”.

Is the Google Text-to-Speech installed, does it work correctly?

Does the voice navigation works with the screen on or mean only in background?

Regarding navigation in background you can check documentation and the related instructions:

Thank you for your help. I have Huawei P20 pro; Android: 10, EMUI: 10.0.0.

I read also every instructions regarding Huawei under “Don´t kill my app!” Next time I will try to switch off the energy saving mode on the phone.

Would you have any other idea because of activating the voice navigation in the background - with swiched off screen?