No street names in Android app navigation (BRouter)

I’m a new user of Kurviger Pro on Android but have a fair amount of experience on other GPS platforms. I love Kurviger’s skip waypoint routing functionalaity but can not figure out how to persuade the app to display next turn street names when navigating. I just have a dash at the top of the screen.

Is there a control that I am missing? I have search the forum and can not find anything.

Could it be that I spend a lot of time in areas without cell service so use offline navigation exclusively? I’m using Brouter - does it have an issue with street names? Is Graphopper better? I have read the documentation a dozen times and there is no mention of anything.

Any other suggestions? Is seems like such a simple issue, but fundamental.

You are right - BRouter does not provide street names:

Hint: If you enter “street name” in the search function, you get further threads about that topic.

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Kurviger online routing includes street names in the routing data.

BRouter offline routing does not include street names in the routing data.
(there is an open request in their repository)

GraphHopper offline routing was deprecated.
(see here for more details)

Thank you for the hint re using Search, however in my OP I mentioned that I had done exactly that. I appreciate your input though.

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Ok, good to know about Brouter - it doesn’t seem to be addressed in the documentation.

Question: I created a route on the Kurviger website yesterday and transferred it to my phone and that didn’t show street names either. I was on WiFi but not cell service. In the absence of cell service, even though the phone has web access via WiFi, does it use Brouter to create a route upon a file being imported?

How did you transfer it, as a kurviger file?
(please see the documentation for details)

You should use kurviger files which contain all route data and are offline.

Internet is also the WiFi.

Gpx files require a routing and depending on what option you have selected in
“Settings | Routing | Routing service” if you are offline, BRouter will calculate it.

sorry - I overread that and I was to lazy to copy all hits as links, therefore my (useless) hint

I like Kurviger enough that I want to try using it for a couple of long rides. Due to the issue with Brouter not providing street names, I’m getting a sim card for my dedicated navigation phone (haven’t bothered with one until now). My understanding is that when I have cell phone connection, the routing will be done via Kurviger (with the correct routing option selected in the menus) and street names will be provided. Then If I go into an offline area and take a slightly different route, the recalculation will be handled by Brouter.

Question: once I am back on the original route, will street names reappear, or am I then stuck with Brouter’s recalculated route? Does the recalculation simply cover the portion to get back to the original route, or is the whole route recalculated?

Thanks for your help. This forum is a great resource.

Routing calculations depend on the selection in “Settings | Routing | Routing service”.
With Kurviger + BRouter combination, the BRouter is used when there is no internet.

See also the offline routing guide which describes the rerouting to “some” waypoint:
(depends on “Settings | Navigation | Rerouting mode” selection)

Navigation: offline rerouting happens when you leave the current route and trigger a rerouting (automatic or manual), skip the next waypoint, avoid road blocks, etc. while navigating without internet connection. The route is calculated from your current location to the existing route (based on rerouting mode). Only this small part of the route will be recalculated and merged with the previously planned route. This ensures, that the rest of the route remains as initially planned.”