No sound on 'Sprachausgabe' Kurviger App

As written above there is no sound on ‘sprachausgabe’ anymore. When I used Kurviger app on our last trip in October 2021 everything worked properly. I’ve checked every hint in your documentation regarding Sprachausgabe, app control, accu management: everything is correct. And additional: there is sound using Google maps, YouTube and so on.
I use Kurviger with Abo and also Kurviger pro.

Does anyone have an idea?

Greatings Rico

Please see the help in this discussion:

Thank you for your rapid answer!
As I had written above, I’ve checked all hints at the documentation thoroughfully and all settings were done correctly, Google speech services inculded.
Instead of repeating same steps again and again (which I did for hours,) in an last effort I tried to locate the problem by conclusions.
First I borrowed a second smartfon (Samsung M12) and installed apps completely identical to the Huawei Y6 (2019) on which the problem happens since October 21. In result on the Samsung Kurviger App pro works fine! Thus there is no conflict in between the apps used on the fones. The difference seems to be Android system (Android 11 on Samsung) and EMUI respectively (Android 9, EMUI 9.1.0 on Huawei).
Knowing that Kurviger Sprachausgabe worked on that Huawei on our last trip in October 21 I checked the updates since October 21 on that Huawei. There were no updates of EMUI and so on since then besides updates for Kurviger and Googles text to speech engine, now called Speech Services. The new installation of both apps didn´t solve the problem, naturally.
Thus from my point of view the preliminary assessment is, that the Huawei doesn’t communicate correctly with the new versions of either Kurviger or Speech Services by Google and the problem assumably lies within the operation system of that Huawei and can not be solved.
Therefore I will end my abonnement for Kurviger App Pro.
That´s a pity!
If there exists a possibility to switch the abonement from that fone to a new one - let me know!

You just need to use the same Google account.
You can use the Kurviger subscrtiption on as many devices you want, as long as you use the same Google account.