No "navigate" icon on the application

Hi there, I’m maybe wrong with the appli, but I created a route on the website, scanned the Qr code on my android, then I got the route on the appli (everything is OK until there).
Then, I can see my trace, but I do not have the “navigate” button to start the guiding…
Did I miss something ?

Ok that was because I didn’t get the pr version…!
So, I need to buy the pro appli (9.99€) AND the Kurviger tourer web account (9.99€/year) ?

Which app version are you using (Free, Pro)?

More info you find at:
EN: App 1.x: User interface, Views, Elements, Follow mode, Crosshairs, Screenshot, Overview [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
DE: App 1.x: Oberfläche, Ansichten, Elemente, Folgen, Fadenkreuz, Screenshot, Überblick [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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You need the pro version. See also

Web and App are independent, so you can buy the pro app and stay with free web.

There is currently a new version of the app in beta testing, which costs 9.99€/year.
New features will be only available with Kurviger2
If you want, you can register to the beta program and start right away with the new version.