No location marker

Yes, that seems to be the case.

OK Uhm wait. Maybe even I need to check our documentation from time to time but… The accuracy is the circle around the arrow (or dot when not navigating) we’re talking about?

First of all, that’s not influenced by the settings as mentioned above by Manfred, and secondly: that never changes for me. The circle ALWAYS has the Same size (in pixels so to speak) on the display for me, regardless of zoom level

I always thought this is some kind of decoration, to find the arrow fast :smiley: :smiley:
so does that mean it’s buggy for me as well??

Edit: no! OK now it think I get it. The circle simply has a minimum size that it always adheres to when you zoom out. And when you zoom in VERY close then it can become larger. Makes sense now, even though I don’t agree with the min size, that’s really confusing when zoomed out…

Correctly, from the old times.

Correctly, because of the previous reason.

I expressed my opinion above.
(better all these be discussed in a new topic)

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@Toast can you download and verify that Cruiser has similar location behavior?

(run Cruiser GL with same engine)

I just installed Cruiser GL from google play store, and it seems to be the same. It knows my location (i gave permissions) and goes there when pressing the location button, but I can’t see any dot or marker on the map.

If the free Version of Kurviger works well (like it was stated) it probably has something to do with one of the features which only exist in the Pro version (“location arrow size”, “location accuracy”).

I got the same issue with the free version of kurviger, it’s not only in the pro version. I can’t see my position in kurviger free/pro or cruiser. Google maps works fine.

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All apps use Cruiser platform.

Seems some manufacturers / drivers don’t like to follow the OpenGL standards and there are such regressions. :slightly_frowning_face:

@Toast if you are available, I can email / message you for some tests with Cruiser on your device. Hopefully to solve that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah sure, I can test other versions of the apps if it helps solving the issue.


Location issue on Mali-T628 GPU should be fixed and work correctly in coming app release.

Reason was - as expected - the poor conformance of some manufacturers / drivers to OpenGL standards.

Many thanks to @Toast for the report & kind availability in testing with the needed device!

Always nice when our community participates actively in Kurviger development. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great! :+1:t3:

Good to see that it is possible to find solutions for difficult problems if people are willing to work together and help each other (without being rude and deconstructive like seen here).

I really love this community and the results it’s capable to achieve! :smile:

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Wow, @Toast awesome effort! Big thanks!
@SchlesiM don’t kick them when we already dealt with the topic, the best thing would be not to advertise (link to) this behaviour I think, let’s just leave it be hm :slight_smile:


@Toast can test Kurviger 1.10 (Beta) to see if issue is indeed resolved?

Sorry for the late reply. I just downloaded the beta version from the play store and the issue seems to be successfully fixed for me. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


Thanks for testing and the confirmation! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Solved in Kurviger 1.10.3.

Kurviger 1.11 (Beta) has new location appearance options in “Settings | Location”.

@Toast can you test on your device that had issues, if work correctly?
Can you post some screenshots for both location appearance options?

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Improved in Kurviger 1.11.5.

Sorry, I missed the last message about the new options. Do you still need screenshots? I just tested kurviger and on the first look both appearance options seem to work fine.

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Never mind, as long as location markers work fine! :slightly_smiling_face: