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Recently I got a problem while navigating with kurviger. I can’t see the location arrow and the accuracy circle. Everything used to work fine but from one day to the other the arrow just disappeared. I tried changing all settings I could imagine being connected to the problem, but nothing helped. I also reinstalled the app, but still the same issue. I granted kurviger all permissions and strangely enough, it knows my position and moves there when pressing the button on the bottom right. I can still use the app and it follows my position in navigation mode, gives correct callouts at intersections, distance to the next waypoint etc, just the arrow is missing. Any ideas what to do now? It’s pretty annoying…



Hm interesting, we recently had a user with the same issue. Maybe there is actually a bug here. What device and what android version are you using?

@devemux86 is there a way to send you logs in Kurviger

If it worked one day and not working the other day, then need to investigate what changed in the device between those days.

What device model and Android version?
Is the Android updated during that period?

There was never a detailed report for what happened, so cannot be same case, not until clarified.

Can search Google Play for several ways to capture logs (some require root).

I can replace direction arrow with a more compatible image, but losing color / size adjustments and location at arrow tip.

Could you post what the app shows there:
Setting | about | Info
This might help the developer.

Uhh, please keep that feature.

I’m using a Huawei Honor 7 (PLK-L01) running Android 6.0. The device did not get any android updates for quite some time, so that is not the reason for the suddenly disappeared arrow.

Kurviger Pro 1.9.3
Android 6.0 (API 23)
1920 x 1080 (480 dpi)
OpenGL ES 3.1
Google location on

That’s a Huawei Honor 7 with a Mali-T628 GPU, unless suddenly the graphics card stopped working correctly.

Is all the map content rendered correctly?

To be sure, you mentioned that the same app version previously worked fine?

All the other stuff looks just fine, I don’t think anything else is missing or not rendered properly.

I have autoupdates activated for the app, so I can’t tell if the problem is connected with an app update (but I would guess so). I don’t use the app so often and at first I thought the problem was caused by myself through some setting changes or something like that, so I didn’t post anything here. So it could be connected to an update serveral weeks or even months ago.

Can you try the various options in “Settings | Map | Location”?

Like location at arrow tip, location accuracy, etc.

I already played around with all of them, but nothing changed.

Well, despite this other user was very unpolite, there are some similatities
The other user had:

  • Huawei P8, android 6.0
  • no location circle
  • no location arrow
  • map was moving during navigation
  • Kurviger free seems to work (not sure about this, complaints were to confused)


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Thanks for clarifying it, stopped tracking that topic after all that noise. :laughing:
Next step is silence / suspend such cases, good manners are important.

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Do I understand you correct?

  • You don’t have the location circle as seen in Kurviger 1.9.2 (left picture)
  • you don’t have the location arrow (right picture)

:thinking: There might be some changes since 1.9.2
BTW I don’t know if it is related.
On my phone I’ve never seen any difference between
settings | map | location precision on / off


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I don’t have the circle, arrow or the blue dot. There is no indication on the map where my location is, but when I press the location button it centers the map to where I am. I can post a screenshot later if it helps.

That would need to zoom enough, so that the accuracy circle can enlarge.
If be in small zooms, the visible circle already covers the accuracy region.

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Personally I don’t like very much the continuous circle presence. It’s role is more for accuracy purposes, not for make the dot / arrow more prominent in appearance.

So it seems that location sensor works in your device, but the location marker stopped working correctly (in some newer version?).

Yes, that seems to be the case.

OK Uhm wait. Maybe even I need to check our documentation from time to time but… The accuracy is the circle around the arrow (or dot when not navigating) we’re talking about?

First of all, that’s not influenced by the settings as mentioned above by Manfred, and secondly: that never changes for me. The circle ALWAYS has the Same size (in pixels so to speak) on the display for me, regardless of zoom level

I always thought this is some kind of decoration, to find the arrow fast :smiley: :smiley:
so does that mean it’s buggy for me as well??

Edit: no! OK now it think I get it. The circle simply has a minimum size that it always adheres to when you zoom out. And when you zoom in VERY close then it can become larger. Makes sense now, even though I don’t agree with the min size, that’s really confusing when zoomed out…

Correctly, from the old times.

Correctly, because of the previous reason.

I expressed my opinion above.
(better all these be discussed in a new topic)

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