Nitpicks regarding the web interface

After using Kurviger for a year now I’d like to share a couple of small problems I’m running into each time I try to use it:

  • I’d like to use the Dutch translation, but this is not stored. So each new tab I open is in German again. Why not store this along with my account info? Or is there a cookie/site I should explicitly allow to make this selection permanent?

  • Another translation related issue, the translation for the term export_type_options_exportroute on the export panel is missing ruining the interface (and it took some time for me to realise this is supposed to read Route)

  • Is there a way to avoid routes to go through a closed road, e.g. the location: OSM-ID 459281773 is really closed for motorcycles. So a switch to avoid trying to cross locations like these would be welcome.

Other than that, the routes are great and the way kurviger works is very great.

The only way is to correct the data in OSM, usually Kurviger will consider that within 2 days.

According to mapillary the closing is only in Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (pictures from 2017):

Do you have newer information, or is that still valid ?

Edit: I added “motorcycle:conditional = no @ (Sa,Su,PH)” to the gate - if it is closed continously you can modify it: remove that tag and add “motorcycle = no” istead.

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Thanks for the info, didn’t know this. That photo is out of date. The road has been closed entirely for all except bicycles and pedestrians for over a year now.

Ok, I changed it and removed my hint concerning that question.


Thanks, this should be resolved now :+1:.

This is something we are looking into, this is not possible right now though. As a quick fix, you could save a bookmark in your browser with the Dutch url: - you could even set your home address in the bookmark if you like, so just set the point and save the bookmark.

Cool, thanks for the fix. And using that extended url is indeed a good workaround, thanks.