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New Website (2021-06): Suggestions / Neue Website (2021-06): Anregungen

Any suggestions for the new website please mention here first!

Vorschläge für die neue Website bitte zuerst hier nennen!

3 posts were split to a new topic: Show list of u-turns

What is the purpose of this topic?
(description is not very clear)

New feature requests must be discussed in their own separate topics.
(not all mixed together)

After consultation with Robin:
Facilitate overview of the many reactions to the website relaunch.
To do this, first collect suggestions here, then create separate threads for larger topics as needed.

(BTW: Meta questions about the organization of the forum and threads should not be dealt with in the technical threads, but only among the moderators; there is a separate board for that).

I am not a simple moderator.
I pay for the forum server so you can play with it.

I expect some respect for my invested time here.
Such decisions must be discussed with me too.

Or else I have no more reason to pay for this forum.
And I could move the app in its own separate forum.

The purpose of this thread was to have a place to discuss about ideas or improvements and not about new features. There were a lot of posts like “make this a bit smaller”, “make this a bit more X”, etc. - the idea was to bundle these in one place.

Sorry, but same here - I expect some respect for my invested time and work as a “simple moderator” here, and me without any economic (or other personal) advantage.

I never asked to get a moderator - I supported you in creating the content structure of this (new, Discourse) forum, and then have been asked to get a moderator, and tried to support you BOTH, mainly by watching your back when needed, even now the last days after the website relaunch. Obviously no more need for that, and on my part vice versa no need to be treated that way. Therefore I will give up my function as a moderator as of now, no problem for ME.

Anyway this should be no subject for public discussion (and I am sure you don’t want my detailed reply about Interpersonal style here in the public as well).

Im am out, no further comment here.
Back to topic of this thread now.