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New Website (2021-06): Issues / Neue Website (2021-06): Probleme

Any problems with the new website please mention here first!

Sollten Sie Probleme mit der neuen Website haben, erwähnen Sie diese bitte zuerst hier!

9 posts were merged into an existing topic: Turn Instructions needed in HTML for our Excel Roadbook

An error in the labelling?

“[Check mark] is the default (blue).”

But the checkmark is not blue, blue is only the selection - right?

I thought long about the text as many people struggled with this and I am still not 100% happy with it. This should mean, if you set the default it’s blue. Non-default is green.

Ooops - completely different meaning.
Very misunderstanding.

Please feel free to propose an improved wording that is a) not too long and b) can be translated (so no complex wording).

If I understand right, perhaps “Die selbe Straße nur einmal befahren” or even “Straßen nur einmal befahren” might be an alternative.

English: “Use each street only once”

And to save more space, “einmal” might be replaced by “1x” - but I think my German teacher in school wold not have liked that

It’s not about that string, it’s about that:

And I think especially about the “(blue)”?

“blue” in combination with the check box; this should be more clear.
There are
a) blue circles,
b) blue signs for the several criteria,
c) black check boxes,

Proposal: (Fake screenshots)

Text field:


Selection bars: (In the bar same color for Icon and Selection dot)


What do you think about?


Much clearer - great!

Great idea, thanks for the suggestion :+1: Will be changed, probably tomorrow.

I just deployed the change. Let me know what you think.

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 10.47.00


Kein wirkliches Problem …
Bei der Suche “falscher” Wendepunkte in den Abbiegehinweisen habe ich festgestellt, dass die Namen von Wegpunkten dort nicht übernommen werden.


Für die, die das Roadbook nutzen, wären die Namen sicherlich von Interesse.


Danke für den Hinweis, das ist auch bereits auf der Todo-Liste. Kleiner Hinweis: das war auch schon mit dem altem Design so :wink: