New round trips option based on time instead of distance

I’d like the possibilty to plan a round trip based on time (in hours, increments by 30 minutes).

Modifying the distance doesn’t really work for this, as some routes are fewer km’s, but require more time.

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Thanks for the proposal. That is something that is requested from time to time and is already on a wish list, but unfortunately, there are technical difficulties with this, so maybe we can do this in the future, but I cannot promise anything :wink:

What issue are you facing? I don’t see the round trip feature in GraphHopper, but if it’s in there, perhaps I can fork it and work on it myself?

Sorry I don’t want to go into too much detail here :slight_smile:.

I contributed the roundtrip feature to GraphHopper several years ago, but the Kurviger approach is different today. However, please feel free to improve this for GraphHopper and we might be able to adapt these improvements for Kurviger.