New combination "Overlay/Routing" with "Track/Route" when importing GPX-files

Quite often I’m importing GPX files into the Kurviger app from other platforms, where I organize and store my route libraries (Garmin Basecamp and MyRoute-app).

When doing this I usually want to reach two different things and therefore I take two steps:

  1. see what route the other platform has calculated.
    To reach that I choose “Overlay” and “Track” in the Kurviger app to import the original route track as an overlay.

  2. keep all the original waypoints from the other platform
    To reach that I choose “Routing” and “Route” to import the original route, which is then calculated within Kurviger

Now I have both: the original route as an overlay (red line) and the route Kurviger calculated depending on the current settings and with my original waypoint (blue line). So I’m now able to adjust the settings and/or to add additional waypoints until the blue lines matches with the red line, so that I have the same route in Kurviger at the end,

But the drawback is, that I always have to import a GPX twice and every time I have to adjust the settings for the two steps.

Therefore it would be great if there was an additional combination “Overlay/Routing” with “Track/Route” with which exactly what I described as two steps could be done at once. I think this would be a great improvement for comfortably importing routes from other platforms.

Have fun and ride safe!

We had discussed in old forum to remodel the Import dialog and have separate options for Overlay and Routing, e.g. can select track for overlay and route for routing in one step.

Though only GPX format has wpt / rte / trk options, so need to handle nicely all other formats too.

Yes, I understand your point.

Maybe it would possible to offer all options as separate checkboxes (of course only if importing other formats than “.kurviger”): instead of the first dropdown a sub dialog named “show as” with “overlay” and “Routing”, and instead of the second one a dialog named “imported types” with “automatic”, “track”, “route” and “waypoints”.

In those dialogs all combinations of selected checkboxes would be possible (apart from selecting “automatic”, where all the other three options could be grayed out). And the app should always save the last selected options as default for the next time I use the import function, so that is some kind of a custom import configuration.

This way the import wouid offer maximal flexibility and at the same time maximal individuality for all the different needs if the users.

For reference, discussion in old forum was here.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.5.

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