Negative comment on google play - how to avoid

Seeing negative recensions of my beloved App makes me sad.
Browsing through the comments on google play I see mainly 3 complaints:

  • issues with Huawei (although not named so)
  • can’t download e.g.
  • needs Internet

Would it make sense to point out these restrictions more clearly on google play?
Maybe like this:

known limitations:

  • agressive power management by Huawei

    see FAQ
  • download of big maps (like whole germany)

    see FAQ
  • calculation of new routes needs Internet

    The app is perfectly capable to navigate a precalculated route offline (guide you along the route) .
    If you leave the route and want it to be recalculated, internet is needed due to technical limitations.
    We plan to improve this in the future.



Thanks for this post Manfred, that’s very nice of you!

  • Unfortunately there are more manufacturers who insist to modify Android and not respect its guidelines. So the reviews are from other devices too.
    We have an extensive guide for this matter, which many don’t know or search to read.
    There are also plans to somehow inform users at app start for these battery optimization side effects…

Can imagine the situation in VLC reviews which caused their known decision!

Most users tend to not read Google Play description, even for paid apps… :slightly_smiling_face: