Nederlandstalige gesproken begeleiding

Wanneer krijgen we Nederlandstalige gesproken begeleiding bij het rijden van een route?

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Dutch (Nederlands) translation and voice navigation will come in next version. :slightly_smiling_face:


Merci en voor wanneer is die voorzien?

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It’s currently under testing, should be released soon.

Ik heb Nederlands ingesteld maar ik blijf maar Engels horen.
Heb al opnieuw opgestart…
Die ik iets fout?

I still hear english… the language i choose is dutch.
How to solve this?

Have you restarted the app as the message indicated?
Are the app UI and route instructions now in Dutch (Nederlands)?

Is Dutch (Nederlands) installed and working in Google Text-to-Speech app or another language is selected in that?

I have restarded the app and also restarded my phone.

The language is Nederland in the kurvinger app.

The text to speech is Nederlands and works good.

Still hear english route instructions in the kurvinger app.

Could you press on one of the yellow dots on the map. Is the text in English oder Dutch?

English …

Is the app interface and menus in Dutch, after the language change?
Are the turn instructions in Dutch (menu Routing | Turn instructions)?

Yes they are.

In your screenshot they appear to be in Dutch. They should be spoken in Dutch then as well.

But it does so what is / goes wrong ?

Difficult to know, as cannot debug the device. Since app works correctly with all languages in user devices so far, could be something specific with Google Text-to-Speech there.

What are the device model and Android version?
Is there some other device available to test?

Samsung S7
Android versie 8.0.0

I only can test on a old Samsung S5-mini.

When I deutch choose , I hear everything in German…that work perfect.

Ah, could you try to switch to Google TTS (from S-Voice) in your Android TTS settings and try again? Maybe S-Voice is creating issues here.

The phone was choosen the Standard language… but…
Install dutch and it works!
Thanks for the help, vielen dank.

GruĂźe Jan.


For info.

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Voor dergelijke doeleinden raad ik aan Audext te proberen. Handige en goedkope service. Ik hoop dat je het nuttig vindt.

The discussion is about text-to-speech engines available on Android.

The most advanced, offline, speaking all units is Google Text-to-Speech: