Navigationsansagen kommen seit dem letzten Update oft zu spät, sind ungenau und teilweise auch rechts-links-verkehrt

The navigation instruction are very often to late and wrong since last update.

I was in the area of Siegerlaand and Bad Kreuznach. It happened maybe 10-times, that the info came too late, gave wrong instructions or wrong direction (left / right).

Is that a problem of the maps or is there a bug in the software?

Regarding instructions accuracy, the voice instructions come from routing.
Do you have some specific example?

You can check them in instructions list and on map during route planning.
More details about that exist in documentation and in forum discussions:

We need more details to understand the report.

What last update?
What device? Is GPS accurate enough?
What settings are enabled in application?

Can try the “Settings | Voice guidance | Speed” if want user speed to influence guidance timing.
Also can try a different “Settings | Location | Location service”.

As described the map shows to turn right, but voice tells me to turn left. I don’t know where it happened, but it happened quite often. Also it was often not clear were to turn. 30 m before crossing it told me “Go ahaed”. At the stopline at crossing (30m later) it told me turn left, but I was in wrong lane. That happened in 30 minutes maybe 4 to 5-times.

I use Kuriviger Pro since 3 years and I was very satisfied with it. Even if I have discussed very often with friends to use a gps device. I don’t want to have an additional device, but the app must wok better in fututre. It was okay until few weeks ago.

Version 1.13.14
Samsung S7; no problems with GPS at all

I changed “Einstellungen / Standort / Standortservice” (“Settings / Location / Location service”) from Android to Google
I changed “Einstellungen / Sprachausgabe / Geschwindigkeit” (“Settings | Voice guidance | Speed”) Enabled now.

By the way most incidents happened in cities when driving very slowly.

I also have a Samsung S7 and I don’t had any issues with Kurviger 1.13.14.
So I guess, that your issues are closely related to your specific route.

Don’t expect that anyone could help you, or improve things if you don’t want to share any route examples.


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Normally that isn’t a problem of the maps or a bug in the software! It’s a problem of placement of waypoints!

Sorrowly you don’t mention how the routes are created. Did you import it? Or did you creat round trips? In that cases sometimes the waypoints are positioned at or near to crossings or junctions. And these waypoints cause the for you wrong instructions. If you zoom to the turning points, you will see that the instructions are correct to the placement of the waypoints, but they are wrong to that what you expect.
To avoid such things I would recommend to check the route before driving. At the check you should zoom in the map at the waypoints, to recognize where the waypoints are positioned. A second check you can do at the turning points. Therefore you can tap on the turn point and you see the instruction.

If you didn’t save the route i would recommend you to save (export) the route in *.kurviger format. And this saving should be latest if you tend to ask for help in the forum! Then when asking for help in the forum you can share your route with the participants of the forum. That would make helping you much easier for the participants. And the help then will be much more successful for you.